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Product certifications

Groc català certification Groc català certification

The Pollastre Groc Català® (Catalan Yellow Chicken) is fed from cereals, and provides few fats but all proteins our body needs. That's the reason why it is very healthy.

“Q” certification “Q” certification

Our Castell del Gall chickens are awarded with the “Q” seal of quality and come out of slow growing races. Feeding is mainly based on cereals (more than 70%) and it is completely forbidden to use any kind of growing stimulator. Slaughter is held on abattoirs whose distance to farm is not greater than 75km.

Pio de Torrent certification Pio de Torrent certification

Our “PIO de Torrent” chicken come from slow growing races and are breed in “pages” farms (non industrial and with low density of animals). Their nutrition is based on cereals (more than 65%), and is enriched with Omega3, so their meat is healthier. “PIO de Torrent” is also certified with ISO 9001:2008.

Halal Halal seal

In order to certify any food, product or service as Halal, it must comply with Islamic regulations gathered in Quran, on traditions coming from Prophet Muhammad (SWS) and on learning's from Islamic jurists. Halal products of Torrent i Fills are certified by Instituto Halal, and are suitable to be consumed by muslim customers with total guarantee.

Eco Ecologic certification

Ecologic certification claims that products have been produced or elaborated under the rules of ecological agriculture, and also that they have been checked throughout the whole production, elaboration, packing and commercialisation procedure. Torrent's eco-products are certified by CCPAE.

Company certifications

ISO 9001 ISO 9001
This international rule promotes the adoption of a productive scope based on processes in order to develop, implement and improve the efficiency on a quality management system. All activities come out from a continuous improvement cicle PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act).


The IFS or International Food Standard certificate is an international regulation among quality and alimentary safety, and it sets an added value standard for any process related to food production worldwide.

Torrent i fills sets efforts on reaching this certification, focused on providing even greater trust and warranties on its products to its customers and consumers.