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Vall Companys Group is a leading agro-food family owned group in Spain, founded in 1956, that sets its activities on production of pork, beef and poultry, along with bread flours.

Due to an operation model that integrates all phases on production process, along with the implementation of cutting edge IT systems on each and every workplace, the Group reaches a complete traceability, high alimentary safety and an optimal quality on ending product.


Control from origin

Poultry division within Vall Companys Group follows a completely integrated production process, from procreation and lay by pure-race hens, through incubation and birth under exhaustive veterinary controls, to breeding under the most severe regulations on hygiene and animal welfare.

Slaughter is carried out within Torrent i Fills facilities, under strict hygiene and prime good handling criteria, guaranteeing high quality products with complete traceability until origin.

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