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Vall Companys

Torrent i Fills, poultry abattoir, is a company founded in 1939 by Torrent familiy in Mataró, whose main activity is poultry slaughter and distribution of meats and products on a regional scope.

Any product commercialised, whether meat or elaborated, is the result of a careful selection from animal incubation and breeding.

Following the Integrated Production System set on Vall Companys Group, to which Torrent i Fills belongs nowadays, we reach a total traceability on each piece and an exhaustive control through the different parts of the process.

The whole human force at Torrent i Fills, specifically involved on consumer needs and comfort, has created a line of products where quality and good service are essential.

Proof of this are the ISO-9001 certificate awarded to the company, or our chickens bearing “Q” quality seal, our wide range of vegetal-feed poultry, gluten-free products and a great eco product line, in order to contribute to a healthier and more natural food.